We have Several Plans which include:

Common Amenities-

  • Horse Boarding Scottsdale StallQuality Care, Barns are open 24/7
  • Show barn stalls with full grills and windows to the outside
  • Large boarder’s tackrooms with racks and storage
  • Laundry facility available (you provide detergent)
  • Fully fenced and gated facility with trailer parking available
  • Fully matted grooming areas with fans
  • High-pressure misting system (Reduces inside temperatures by ~22 degrees)
  • Shower for Boarded HorsesInside hot and cold wash racks
  • Horses fed three times daily: Bermuda / Alfalfa (Includes up to 30 lbs team app. daily)
  • Timothy hay available at market price
  • Additional hay available at market price
  • Stalls cleaned to a high standard daily
  • Automatic fly spray system
  • Trail Obstacle Course
  • Lighted Jumping Arena (220′ x 110′) with a full course of jumps
  • Covered Riding Arena (250′ x 100′)
  • Full size Dressage court (60m x 20m)
  • Riding Arena (120′ x 120′)
  • Safe 1/2 mile exercise track along entire perimeter of property inside the fence line
  • State land trails across the street
  • CCTV security with Barn Manager and Caretakers living on the property

Silver Level Board: ($685.00)

  • In addition to the Common Amenities:
  • Inside partially matted 12′ x 12′ grilled and airy stalls
  • Automatic waterers
  • Stall guards available
  • Individual lights and fans (you provide) in each stall

Gold Level Board: (Additional $125.00)

  • Includes “Silver Level Board” Plus:
  • Personal locker for your tack and saddles jupyter herunterladen.
  • Your supplements fed daily (You provide bagged supplements -SmartPak Suggested)
  • Your horse will be turned out for two hours daily and two nights per week (weather permitting) rub ecampus herunterladen.
  • Your horse will have fly mask applied daily (you provide masks)
  • Your horse will be blanketed when temperatures drop to 50 degrees and below
  • Blankets will be removed when temperatures rise above 50 degrees
  • We will work on ground manners and further de-sensitization of your horse

Outdoor Board:

We have outdoors covered shedrow stalls starting at $585.00

Recap of Boarding Options:

  • Inside 12×24 stalls available at $885/month
  • Inside 12×16 stalls available at $785//month
  • Inside 12×12 stalls available at $685/month
  • Outside 16×56 covered shedrow stalls at $635/month
  • Outside 12×30 covered shedrow stalls at $585/month
  • Gold level adds $125/month
  • Daily Board is $45/day
  • Daily Haul-In is $20/day

Scottsdale Horse Boarding Turnouts2

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