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Horses are beautiful animals that have intrigued people for centuries. They have unique personalities and qualities that make them popular pets for many people the world over amazon prime video auf pc herunterladen. There are dozens of breeds of horses that come from all parts of the globe. Some horses are known for their physical characteristics, while others are known for their temperaments wdr broadcasts. The following looks at many different breeds of horses and highlights some lesser known facts about horses in general.

Interesting Facts about Horses

  • The pulse rate of a horse at rest measures between 36 to 40 beats per minute singstar.
  • There are 205 bones in a horse’s body.
  • Horses sleep about two and a half to three hours per day.
  • A horse’s age can be determined by looking at its teeth euro truck simulator 2 gratis downloaden.
  • The upper jaw of a horse is wider than its lower jaw.
  • A horse may run back into a barn that is on fire in order to return to the familiarity of its stall Download itunes for free music.
  • A horse lays its ears back against its head when it is angry.
  • Though horses have a wide range of vision, they are not able to see objects in a small area directly in front of their nose download photo album from icloud.
  • Horses can sometimes live to be 30 or 40 years old, but the average lifespan of a horse is about 25 years.
  • Horses can get a bad stomach ache referred to as colic podcast app herunterladen.
  • Some horses drink two or more full buckets of water a day.
  • The height of a horse is measured in ‘hands’. A ‘hand’ is equal to four inches elster steuererklärung 2017 kostenlos chip.
  • A baby horse, called a foal, can stand up approximately one hour after birth. In the wild, a horse must stand up quickly so it will not become the victim of predators download netflix mac.
  • Foals are usually born at night.
  • A horse is able to sleep in a standing position.
  • There is always a leader in a herd of horses herunterladen.
  • Horses communicate to one another via body language and through a high-pitched whinny .
  • A female horse is pregnant with a foal for about eleven months.
  • Many horses bloat their stomachs when a rider puts a saddle on them. Horses do this so the girth (the belt that runs beneath their belly) is not fastened too tightly. They let out their air after the rider finishes tightening the girth.
  • Horses can hear what is going on behind them by shifting their ears in a backward direction.
  • Horses grow a coat that is thick and furry for the wintertime.
  • Tame horses must have their teeth filed down on a regular basis by a veterinarian so they won’t damage their tongue or gums. This process is called floating.
  • A horse that is female is a mare.
  • A male horse is either a gelding or a stallion.
  • Horses number about 60 million worldwide.

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