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Julie Sodowsky

Julie Sodowsky is a recipient of the USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals and has place 27 times in the USDF Horse of the Year standings, 7 times in the top 5 from First through Intermdiate levels. She has placed more than 100 times in the USDF All Breed Awards. She has been awarded Champion and Reserve numerous times in ABIC/USDF Regional Championships. She has trained and shown numerous Canadian Arabian and U.S. Arabian National Dressage Champions and Reserve Champions.

Based in Phoenix, Julie has students from training level through Grand Prix and is experienced in riding and training all breeds, from thoroughbreds to warmbloods, to Arabians, to Irish draughts and draught crosses.

Julie is a charter member of the Rocky Mountain Dressage Society and several times past president of that organization. She has served on the USDF Council of Competitors Committee and Council of Judges Committee. She is a member of USAE, USDF, USET, IAHA, the California Dressage Society, and the Arizona Dressage Association.

Julie received her R dressage judge’s rating from USAR in 1989 and judges open and breed dressage competitions throughout the U.S. She has also conducted dressage clinics in California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and Texas.


Horses in training are schooled approximately 45 minutes per day, 5 days per week. Owner must provide the necessary tack and equipment. Horses must be boarded at trainer’s stable. When the trainer is at a show or judging, a groom will longe, turn out or put training horses on walker, in addition to usual grooming, for an additional minimal fee. Training time is NOT charged for under these circumstances.

$40.00 per day
$600.00 per month (20 training sessions)
$550.00 per month (in training more than 3 consecutive months)



$50.00 per 45 minute private lesson at trainer’s stable
$65.00 per 45 minute private lesson for trailer-ins
Full charge is made for scheduled lessons not cancelled 24 hours ahead.


Only horses in full training will be shown, and they must be regularly entered in clinics.

$45.00 per class (owner must pay entry fee, as well as grooming fee of $15.00 per day for am, noon, and pm feeding, stall cleaning, grooming and tack cleaning)
$30.00 braiding
$40.00 for coaching students (when time permits)



$750.00 for 10 sessions; additional sessions, $75.00 each



$350.00 per day (50 rides), plus expenses

Finder’s Fee:


$500.00 for for assistance in finding or selling a horse
$15.00 for video tape critique of horse, dressage show ride, etc.


This is a training stable, not a public boarding stable. All boarders will be billed for a minimum of 2 lessons per month, taken or not.
Bills are sent and due at the 1st of the month. A late charge of $10.00 is added to accounts on which no payment is made by the 15th of the month. There will be an additional charge of $15.00 for any account with a $250.00 or more balance for more than 30 days.


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Lois Wittington Dressage

Born in Lakewood, Ohio, Lois Whittington has been a horse lover her entire life. Lois has over 20 years of professional experience training horses and teaching students to ride and care for their horses. Lois found a love for dressage in the early 80s and began competing and then training horses and riders alike in this discipline ever since. In Arizona since 1978, Lois is very comfortable with training in the desert.

Her students run the scope from beginners to expert riders. Many of her students have received their qualified rider award, bronze and silver medals. She has coached students to win the national to regional and state championships as well as placing in the USEF to USDF horse of the year awards. Whatever level her students are, Lois has the knowledge and experience to bring each individual as far competitively as she or he desires to go. With her easy going personality, she is wonderful to work with and a pleasure to learn from.

Lois Whittington

Telephone: (480) 510-3628