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Lois Wittington Dressage

Born in Lakewood, Ohio, Lois Whittington has been a horse lover her entire life. Lois has over 20 years of professional experience training horses and teaching students to ride and care for their horses. Lois found a love for dressage in the early 80s and began competing and then training horses and riders alike in this discipline ever since. In Arizona since 1978, Lois is very comfortable with training in the desert.

Her students run the scope from beginners to expert riders. Many of her students have received their qualified rider award, bronze and silver medals. She has coached students to win the national to regional and state championships as well as placing in the USEF to USDF horse of the year awards. Whatever level her students are, Lois has the knowledge and experience to bring each individual as far competitively as she or he desires to go. With her easy going personality, she is wonderful to work with and a pleasure to learn from.

Lois Whittington

Telephone: (480) 510-3628